Trend Spotlight on Declan Tully

By November 22, 2017Uncategorized

Trend Media Group Head of Sales, Declan Tully

At Trend Media, we have an amazing team of hardworking professionals that execute our operations in over 23 countries. Through our monthly series, Trend Spotlight, we share a behind the scenes look at our dynamic team. For this month’s feature, we sat down with our Group Head of Sales, Declan Tully.

1.What 5 words best describe you?

Loyal, Ambitious, Logical, Dependable and Dedicated

2. What does your duty as Head of Sales for Trend Media Group entail?

My responsibilities are quite wide and varied, but essentially, I am responsible for delivering our revenue targets across the 23 Caribbean markets that Trend Media Group has a presence in. I am in constant contact with the sales teams in each of the markets to support and assist them to deliver their monthly targets. My main responsibilities include training the sales teams on new or existing products, developing strategic digital proposals for our clients, evaluating new products or companies that we want to partner with, and creating pricing for our products based on the market, amongst many other daily tasks.

3. You’ve worked in both traditional and digital advertising, what is one similarity and one difference that you’ve found in the selling tactics you use for each?

The main similarity between traditional and digital media is that you are still getting the same brand message out to your customers and potential customers just in a different platform. This means that you still need to understand the message that the client wants to communicate to ensure you deliver the best solution. The major difference between traditional and digital is that all digital communications can be tracked and measured to deliver real and actionable campaign insights to clients. With traditional media, it’s much harder to assess what is working best but with digital, you can see campaign performance in real time and continually optimise to drive maximum return for our clients. This is usually an area that helps to persuade clients to move some of their traditional advertising spend to digital platforms.

4. Digital media is a fast-moving environment, how do you stay up to date on the trends to effectively lead your teams?

Luckily there are a lot of resources online that help to keep up with what’s happening in other markets and in particular the more developed digital markets. The Mobile Marketing Association and Internet Advertising Bureau are really useful to see digital trends globally along with best practices. I also use Google Alerts which allows you to choose the topics that you are most interested in and then these are sent to your e-mail on a daily basis ensuring you are kept up to date what is happening in the digital advertising world. There are so many newsletters that you can also sign up to from the likes of Mobile Marketing Magazine, Mobile Marketing Watch, Mobiad News and many more. It’s well worth signing up for a wide selection of newsletters and then you can see which ones are most relevant to your particular industry. The Flipboard app is also a very easy way to keep up to date with the latest digital advertising news as it allows users to choose the topics they are most interested in and then it compiles them into one easy area to view.

5. You’ve been living in the Caribbean since 2012, what is your favourite thing about it? Why?

It’s very hard to choose just one thing as coming from Ireland the weather is obviously a major benefit! However, my favourite thing about being in the Caribbean has been the opportunity to work with people from many different nationalities while also getting to travel to and experience new cultures in the region. I have been lucky to live in Jamaica which has given me the chance to travel around this amazing island and see the fantastic natural attractions that pop up everywhere. I have been to more waterfalls in the last couple of years than I had in the rest of my life combined!

6. What is your current favourite app/s? Why?

This is a tough one as I have a lot of apps that I use on a regular basis. As mentioned above I find the Flipboard app to be really useful. However my favourite app, and I know this is boring, is Twitter. It’s the app I still use most often to get the latest news and sports headlines. I’m not a fan of the new 280 character limit though! I also have to mention Shazam as being a big music fan this app has helped me discover lots of new music over the last few years that otherwise, I may have missed.