5 Facebook Advertising Tips To Maximize Your Budget

By February 8, 2018Uncategorized


Facebook is the topic of conversation among marketers after their recent meaningful interactions update. This update will see Facebook changing what users see in their news feeds by prioritizing posts that will generate meaningful interactions, especially posts from friends and family. This new update has left brands and marketers questioning what this means for their Facebook advertising, which for most brands is a big part of their social media marketing.

If you have a brand on Facebook there is not much need for panic, as Facebook still generates a lot of revenue from advertisers so this update will not completely disadvantage us. However, it will require you to better plan and optimize your Facebook ads to maximize your budget. Here are five advertising tips that will help you make the most of your Facebook advertising dollars:

  1. Use better targeting

With this new Facebook update it will be more important to ensure that you are not just selecting an audience that will show your ads to the most people but that you are choosing one with the right people- the ones who are most likely to act on your ad. Your brand’s Facebook page has an Audience Insights feature that can be very informative in finding out the demographics of your audience, what their interests are and what content they respond best to. This will help you to decide what type of ad to use, the language, and what the content should be.

  1. Content is King!

If you weren’t doing this before, now is the time to start paying attention to the quality of the content in your ads. The Facebook platform is known for stories, and the key to maximizing your advertising dollars may be to become a better storyteller. When crafting your ads, think about what your objective is and how you can craft a story around it. As a plus with Facebook ad features such as Canvas, telling your stories can be very visually appealing without the clutter.

  1. Monitor and Optimize the campaign

Don’t create a Facebook campaign and just leave it running. Check at intervals to see the campaign performance based on the objectives and make tweaks to improve the performance as necessary. The good thing about Facebook ads is that there are multiple changes that you can make to the campaign, while it’s running, without deleting it. These including changing the artwork, the budget, and the audience. Additionally, optimizing the campaign shows you what doesn’t work and helps you create better ads in the future.

  1. Track the right Metrics

What metrics indicate success for your campaign? The metrics you track will be dependent on what you want to achieve from the ads- your overall objective for running the campaign. Do you want to increase brand awareness, generate leads, get app downloads, etc? The objective will tell which ad metric you need to be paying attention to, and where you need to optimize to maximize the spend of the budget.

  1. Use ad results to build a strategy

Often, brands run one off Facebook ad campaigns and don’t necessarily build on the success of past ads. Facebook advertising provides a great retargeting function- Facebook pixels- that can improve the ad spend by building on the results of past ads. Facebook pixels allow you to build custom audiences from users who would’ve interacted with your ad in the past. For example, you can run a lead generation campaign using a custom audience of persons who watched more than 3 seconds of a previous ad campaign that you did.

To wrap up, getting the most out of your Facebook advertising budget may now require more effort, but the value you will receive from efficient budget spending will all be worth it. If you have any questions or need assistance with executing Facebook ads, contact the Trend Media Paid Campaigns team here.