Barbados Wrap: Digital Brochure

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Provide easy and accessible information via mobile about things to do in Barbados when visiting the island.

Mobile Wrap technology.

The Brochure is delivered to visitors, disembarking cruise ships, who connect to ‘Barbados Free Wi-Fi’ network in Bridgetown Port.

The Barbados Visitor Wrap was a first to market initiative using Trend Media’s Mobile Wrap technology. The Visitor Wrap was delivered via Free Wi-Fi to cruise ship passengers disembarking in Barbados Port. The Mobile Wrap enabled passengers to swipe through exciting and engaging content by each of our partners about places to go and things to do in Barbados.

Over 14,000 people engaged with the Barbados Visitor wrap with each partner receiving detailed reporting on views, dwell time, click through rate, and coupon redemptions

There was an average click through rate of 0.8% or more.

Partners involved were:

Atlantis Submarines
Harbour Lights
Limegrove Mall
Courtesy Car Rental
The Boatyard

To see the video, please click below.

Video: How to Craft A Winning Digital Strategy to Improve ROI

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Our Head of Programmatic Media, Julian Lynch, recently delivered a presentation to small business and start up owners in Kingston, Jamaica, on how to design their digital strategy to improve the return on their investment. The presentation focused on the key areas of:

* Bought, Earned, and Owned media;

* Changes in the communication space;

* Maximizing media efficiency;

* Real-time bidding; and

* A real case study of digital media at work.

Click the link below to watch the full presentation. If you have any questions, you may leave a comment or send us a message. Watch video here:

5 reasons you should use Programmatic Advertising

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programmaticIn our last blog post we looked at what programmatic advertising entails and how it works. With all the information given, you may now be wondering about the benefits of using this method of advertising. Here are five advantages of using programmatic advertising to reach your target audience:

  1. Shows a specific ad to one single consumer in a single context- Programmatic advertising has extensive targeting which allows advertisers to eliminate waste. Through this targeting process, brands are able to precisely determine who gets to see which ad and when they see it. By programmatically picking the audience the ads are shown to, advertisers have a better chance of engaging prospects, thus increasing their return on investment.
  1. Only pay for the consumers you want and find them wherever they are- As advertisers/marketers you want to promote your brand while spending as efficiently as possible. With programmatic, advertisers you spend only when your ad is shown, and ads are only shown to the consumers that your brand wants, i.e. those whose online behavior suggests they are most likely to make a purchase. Additionally, the ability of programmatic to target consumers on an individual basis, allows the right ads to be shown to consumers wherever they are on the web.
  1. Utilizes powerful data to reach prospects- Programmatic advertising uses many data points and algorithms to find the right audience and show them the specific, highly targeted digital ad or content. Programmatic systems evaluate millions of real time data features, including demographic, and behavioural data, and then decide if a given consumer is likely to purchase the product/service.
  1. Reach lots of digital properties across screens- Through programmatic advertising, ads are placed on a variety of digital platforms, including websites, and in gaming apps, thus enabling ads to target a wider audience pool. Additionally, with programmatic, a brand’s ad can reach their target audience across multiple digital devices, so the ad can be shown to the consumer both while using their laptop and when they switch to their mobile device.
  1. Real time measurement and optimization- With programmatic ads, the performance of each ad is measured in real time, which allows advertisers to quickly adapt and optimize their ads based on their consumers’ online behaviours. Advertisers can easily assess which ads are performing well and allocate more budget to them, and reduce their spend on, or tweak, ads that are not performing well.

BONUS: Watch- Programmatic advertising by Trend Media 

To get started on your programmatic advertising campaign, or to learn more, contact us!

Programmatic Advertising: What it is and How it works

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Watch: Programmatic Advertising from Trend Media

The methods of digital advertising are constantly evolving. With the increase in penetration of mobile usage, consumer behavior along the purchasing journey has changed drastically. Your potential customers are no longer seeing an ad on the TV or in a magazine and making a purchase; instead they are seeing your product, doing research, consulting with friends, reading reviews, and then making a purchasing decision. Additionally, the length of time between the decision making process and making a purchase now differs significantly from say 5 years ago, this process can take days, even months. With these changes in consumer behavior, marketers have to find a way to break through the noise, and drive brand recollection, thereby increasing the chance of purchase. With this need, programmatic advertising is one of the digital solutions.

What is Programmatic Advertising?

Programmatic advertising refers to an automated digital ad buying platform that allows advertisers to connect directly with customers that are looking for that product or service.  Programmatic advertising relies on artificial intelligence to target ads to the right customers. This artificial intelligence uses algorithms to analyze a customer’s online/ digital behavior (such as Google searches, apps downloaded, etc.) to find out what their interests are, so that ads can be shown to the customers whose online behavior suggests they are most likely to act on them.

How it works

An ad is developed by an advertiser and sent to a programmatic ad agency for placement. The ad formats include display (statics, HTML 5 and rich media), video and native formats. Programmatic ad agencies then utilize Demand Side Platforms (DSP) to buy ad spaces through the allocation of bids for the ads to be shown. A bid is the amount of money an advertiser is willing to pay for persons to see their ad. These DSPs also include Data Management Platforms that collect and analyze data from customers’ devices cookie to provide information that informs what ads is shown to each customer. After the customer is identified to be served a type of ad, for example a car ad, a decision needs to be made about which advertiser’s car ad should be shown.

To make this publishing decision, ad spaces on each web page or within an app, are allocated through a Supply Side Platform (SSP). This SSP selects the ad that is shown to the customer by using data collected, such as how long the customer has been on the site, or the number of pages visited on the site. Using this information, an auction is done, based on the bids set by each advertiser, and the advertiser with the winning bid gets their ad shown to the customer. This process of collecting the customer’s data, completing the auction, and publishing an ad takes place in real-time, which means it’s completed in milli seconds.


Diagram showing the process an ad goes through before it is shown in programmatic advertising.

To summarize, programmatic advertising offers phenomenal efficiency as it is targeted directly to users based on their interests, behaviors and the context. For advertisers, programmatic provides an avenue for ads to be shown to customers who are most likely to act on it. The gathering of information about customers’ behaviours can be thought of as a digital referral. The information collected from the customer tells what their interests are; such as buying a new car, life insurance, or shoes. This information from the customer recommends which ad is shown and gives the brand an opportunity to offer their solution to the customer, which is what each brand aims to do through advertising.

To discuss a programmatic advertising option for your brand, contact us today!

In our next blog we will take a look at the advantages of Programmatic Advertising and brands that are currently using it.


#TrendChat recap- Crafting your brand’s 2017 digital strategy

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The Twitter Chat #TrendChat by  Trend Media Group hosted on January 31, 2017, discussed the topic “Crafting your brand’s 2017 digital strategy.” Below are the questions and some responses from our chat:


Q1: What’s one aspect of a marketing plan that you think marketers often overlook?

Ans: @sandalsresorts A1: Many fail to leave room for new campaigns in their plan, restricting themselves from adapting new trends. #TrendChat

@trendmediagroup A1: The most overlooked part is the measurement. Not just how well the plan worked or didn’t but a plan to analyze the numbers #TrendChat

@1barnesam Marketers sometimes overlook that the plan may have to be changed, especially in digital media! #TrendChat


Q2: What is the first thing to do when outlining a digital strategy? #TrendChat

Ans: @sandalsresorts A2: Decide who your audience is! Conduct research on your target audience so you know who you are marketing to #TrendChat

@1barnesam A2: First thing to keep in mind when outlining a digital are the measurable objectives. #TrendChat Also the target. Who are you talking to? And some key insights into person you are talking to. #TrendChat

@trendmediagroup A2: The first thing to do is set your objectives. Asking what is your brand, where’s the brand now, and where do you want to be. #TrendChat


Q3: What’s your most important tip for creating a synergy between the digital and non digital aspects of a marketing plan? #TrendChat

Ans: @1barnesam A3 Make sure that the key messages are the same throughout. Visuals also important. #TrendChat

@trendmediagroup A3: One way is to use the non digital to initiate relationships with the audience and use the digital to deepen and sustain it. #TrendChat

@sandalsresorts A3 Creating synergy between digital & non-digital aspects comes from all teams being involved in the process. #TrendChat Also budget plays a factor in which digital marketing tools can be utilized. #TrendChat


Q4: How do you decide which digital marketing tools to include in your digital strategy?

Ans: @trendmediagroup A4: The tools you use will be dictated by your objectives; i.e. what you are trying to do, and who you’re trying to reach #TrendChat

@sandalsresorts A4: By defining your brand goals and which tools are needed. Ex: Social media marketing increases awareness. #TrendChat

@camjayfen A4 setting clear objectives first, then identifying the tool that can deliver within budget #TrendChat


Q5: How would you respond to claims that having a digital strategy is costly? #TrendChat

Ans:  @sandalsresorts A5 A CRM system to track opportunity & promote collaboration and a analytics system to report conversions. #TrendChat

@1barnesam Thats interesting. I think it depends on what value you put on being social or digitally inclined. #TrendChat But having a digital strategy is the easy part, its the execution that is hard!

@trendmediagroup A5 Digital marketing is proven to work. If planned and executed well it will be money well spent and the ROI will be seen #TrendChat


Q6: Which brand’s digital strategy impresses you? Why? #TrendChat

Ans: @sandalsresorts A6: @Starbucks uses the power of imagery and design to connect coffee to millions of people around the world. #TrendChat

@trendmediagroup A6 Locally we like Hi-Pro and @redstripe‘s digital strategy. They are always trying new digital tools and engaging the audience #TrendChat


Q7: What digital trend do you predict will be a big boost to digital marketing this year? #TrendChat

Ans: @sandalsresorts A7: Story capability on more social channels. Brands create a real-time bond while also integrating short ads #TrendChat

@trendmediagroup A7: Programmatic ads will be a dominant trend this year,the desire to target ads based on users’ online behaviours is increasing #TrendChat

@camjayfen A7: I’m excited to see more brands use chat bots to deliver their content, product or services ex: FB Messenger #TrendChat

@1barnesam A7: Brands will be using influencer marketing to engage with consumers. #TrendChat


Join us on Twitter for the next #TrendChat on February 28, 2017! Follow us @trendmediagroup

Join us for #TrendChat on January 31,2017

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TrendChat-SocialFlier-1024x512#TrendChat topic- “Crafting your brand’s 2017 digital strategy”

Let’s face it, as marketers in 2017, we are all using digital marketing in one way or another. Whether it is email marketing, mobile advertising or social media, there is some value that digital brings to our overall marketing efforts. With the arrival of a new calendar year, and the planning for a new financial one, we know you are in the process of evaluating what strategies worked best last year, and looking for new ones that will drive your objectives for this year. This month’s#TrendChat is all about creating an opportunity for you to learn form other marketers as we all outline our digital strategies for the new year, and with the fast changing world of digital you are sure to learn something new.

#TrendChat Questions

1.What is one aspect of a marketing plan that you think most marketers overlook?

2.What is the first thing to do when outlining a digital strategy?

3.What is your most important tip for creating a synergy between the digital and non-digital aspects of a marketing plan?

4.How do you decide which digital marketing tools to include in your digital strategy?

5.What two tools would you recommend using to help define a brand’s digital strategy?

6.How would you respond to the claims that having a digital strategy is costly?

7.Which brand’s digital strategy impresses you? Why?

Bonus question: What digital trend do you predict will be a big boost to digital marketing in 2017?

How to join the #TrendChat

  • #TrendChat takes place on Tuesday, January 31, 2017 at 2:00pm for an hour.
  • Join the Twitter chat by tweeting from your company’s Twitter account.  
  • Follow the Trend Media Group Twitter page @trendmediagroup, to see the questions, designated by Q1, Q2… etc.
  • Stay in the conversation by including the hashtag #TrendChat in all your tweets related to the chat.
  • When responding to the each question, include A1, A2… etc so that others can know which question you are responding to.
  • You can search the hashtag #Trendchat during the chat to engage with other participants.
  • After the chat all the questions and responses will be published on the Trend Media blog on our website

Top 10 apps of 2016

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Below is an article our team wrote for Panache Jamaica Magazine on our picks for the top 10 apps of 2016. 

As incredible as it feels in the hands, I'm eager to get a case for it.

2016 was quite an app-filled year. From the introduction of new apps to the vast improvement of existing ones, mobiles app have truly taken form. Of all the apps we used this past year, the digitally led team at Trend Media Group managed to compile a list of the 10 most impressive applications – whether it be solely for the purposes of socializing, news/ information sources, utility or relevant to education.


1.Loop News– Loop is the Caribbean’s #1 news app with well over 900,000 downloads. This year, the Loop app instituted some updates, which included: customized notifications for each reader, a more stable version of the app that crashes less, and access to the app’s content directly from Facebook, which made the user experience much easier. A complete bonus to the app is that we can access it free, i.e. without using our mobile data or needing to access Wi-Fi!

2.Stay Alert– The Ministry of National Security debuted a useful app earlier this year and should be recognized for their efforts in not only keeping citizens safe, but informed. The Android app comes with Jamaica’s full database of laws for users to peruse for quick fact-checking. In addition, the app’s iReport feature allows users to anonymously upload suspicious activity via phone, video or text message. Finally, the app comes with a panic button which uses GPS to contact the nearest police station in the case of an emergency.


3.Facebook– Can we talk about the constantly innovative team at Facebook? The app underwent so many changes this year alone, to talk about them all we would need an entire article solely dedicated to that! However, to give the summary- the app updates included: Facebook reactions, changes to the News feed algorithm allowing users to see more of what interests them, rather than what brands want them to see, and the most noteworthy (in our humble opinion) Live streaming. Facebook Live was introduced to general Facebook users back in April and has been a great tool for marketers so far and will be interesting to see its growth in 2017.

4.Instagram– While we are on the topic of Facebook, let’s just talk about Instagram- as it seems Facebook gave all its owned-apps a facelift in 2016. With all the updates to Instagram this year, we believe it has positioned itself as much more than a photo/ video sharing platform. Here’s a timeline of its most noteworthy updates: In February, the app started allowing users to log in with multiple accounts; in April the new app icon and design were released…admittedly this took some getting used to but we vaguely remember what the old app icon and design looked like. In August the platform released “Stories”, a feature with some very blatant Snapchat-like qualities, which quickly caught on and has become very popular. In November the app announced Instagram LIVE! Instagram will definitely be one to watch in 2017.

5.Snapchat-Facebook and Instagram really gave Snapchat some competition this year, with many thinking that Snapchat would be dead by December upon the introduction of Instagram Stories in August.  But alas, Snapchat refuses to go down without a fight. The app has had its fair share of updates this year and we think Snapchat has matured quite nicely this year into a post- pubescence powerhouse. The new additions to the app allow it to be more ad-friendly with sponsored geo-filters, new discovery features, and snap ads. In case these improved features did not prove themselves in the early parts of 2016- the US elections in November gave them credibility with reports of both presidential candidates using Snap ads on Election Day.

6.Facebook Messenger– Yes, Facebook has emancipated its messenger…in some ways. The Facebook messenger app is still very much tied to the main Facebook platform, but we love that you can easily chat without getting distracted by your news feed (don’t you just hate that?). From a business standpoint, one thing we really loved about messenger this year was the introduction of messenger bots- our little virtual assistant that responds to messages on our behalf. How convenient!

7.WhatsApp – Now a staple on most phones, Whatsapp also underwent updates this year that makes our communications that much easier. In addition to the already popular voice note feature, WhatsApp started allowing users to voice call, and later this year they added video calling capabilities.


8.My Digicel– When it comes to utility apps, convenience is of utmost importance and that is not lost on the My Digicel app. The app allows you to check your account balance, activate data plans, send credit to friends and family. Postpaid customers now have the convenience of paying their phone bills directly from the app. Best of all, you aren’t charged credit, or data to access the app! Did we already state how convenient this is?

9. My JPS Mobile– Electricity…we all use it, and we all know how essential it is to our daily lives, but somehow some of us just can’t remember to pay those bills, or find it very inconvenient to stand in long lines making bill payments. JPS realized this frustration and moved to texting and emailing bills to their customers, while also facilitating online bill payments. This year the energy company took it further and introduced a mobile app (thank you!). The convenience that this app offers is why we love it so much- we can view our electricity bill, pay our bills, and even see where a power outage is. Nicely done JPS!


10.Duo lingo– Apps have been helping us to do a lot this year- connect with friends, pay bills, and keep up on current affairs- so it was only natural that we would turn to an app to learn a new language. Duo lingo is a language learning app that has the capability of teaching over 10 languages including, French, Spanish, and Russian, all while playing a game. In addition to the theoretic concepts of grasping a language, the app allows you to listen to and also practice speaking the language.



11.Scotiabank– The newly redesigned app stands out from the other local banking apps with a one-click design making banking even easier. Customers can complete common tasks like bill payments and transferring funds in less steps, complete with easy onboarding instructions. The app also offers a new calendar of transactions for financial planning right in the palm of your hands. The app gets you in an out of the ‘bank’ quickly so you can get on with what matters most.


12.Netflix– The newly redesigned app stands out from the other local banking apps with a one-click design making banking even easier. Customers can complete common tasks like bill payments and transferring funds in less steps, complete with easy onboarding instructions. The app also offers a new calendar of transactions for financial planning right in the palm of your hands. The app gets you in an out of the ‘bank’ quickly so you can get on with what matters most.
2016 was a great year for apps, which is tied to the increase in demand and usage of mobile phones. We are excited to see the updates to these apps on our list as well as the new ones that will come in 2017. Merry Christmas and a very ‘Appy’ New Year from Trend Media!

Trend Spotlight on Aileen Corrigan

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Picture of AileenHere at Trend Media we have an amazing team of hardworking professionals that execute our operations in 24 countries. In our monthly Trend Spotlight blog series, we share a behind the scenes look at our team members.

To start off 2017, we are introducing our CEO, Aileen Corrigan, who has been a part of the Trend Media team for approximately eight months. Though relatively new to our team, Aileen is no stranger to marketing and digital media.  Keep reading to find out more about the woman behind the title.

  • What 5 words best describe you?
  • Passionate, caring, dedicated, fun, and challenging.

    1. What piqued your interest to lead a digital media company?

    What I love about it [digital media] is that it’s the audience driving the marketing space, rather than the historical way of companies and agencies driving it. I think the pace of digital media is very exciting because it is fast moving, it’s constantly reinventing itself, and so what was relevant a few months ago has completely changed. This is a complete flip, a whole new way of looking at media and that’s what makes me really intrigued.

    1. You have a marketing-based background, what comparison can you make between traditional marketing and digital marketing?

    I remember a Professor once saying that for every company that spends money on marketing, 50% of it is working and 50% isn’t working, but they can’t tell which 50% isn’t working. With traditional media you would run your campaigns but you never really knew what was working, with which audience, and at what time. With digital marketing you can completely track all this and that is what makes brands so attracted to digital at this time. Digital makes marketing very relevant, very effective, and makes senior managers and the financial teams see that marketing is not just pretty pictures but it’s also integral in driving revenue.

    1. Let’s fast forward to the end of your first year as our CEO, and the Trend media team is celebrating a successful year, what top three achievements do you see us celebrating?

    The first thing is from an internal engagement point of view, our people are key and I want to ensure we attract and retain the best. Second is having our customers as our advocates, and lastly, being the leading Digital publisher in the regions we operate in.

    1. You’ve had leadership roles before, how do you balance your work, being a mother, and being a wife?

    It’s all about team work, if it’s being a leader at work or being a leader at home, it’s about the people around you and having the right support mechanism. At work it is about building teams that understand where we’re going and we all buy-in to, and work towards that to make it effective. On the home front, my husband and I support each other and make sure that we are both on the same page. It is always about the teamwork that no matter what we’re supporting each other to make it work.

    1. Who/ what has had the biggest influence on your personal, and professional life?

    I think my husband has been my biggest influence. He and I have worked together for over 15 years so he has been a great person to bounce ideas off of. I also find out what best practice I can use from his field in mine.  He also has been my mentor in different roles that I’ve had. On a personal side obviously he’s been my support. There are times when I have really had to put in the time with work and he’s been there 100% to support.

    1. What is your go-to source of relaxation?

    Fitness. When you’re working long days and you’re under pressure, having a strong fitness base helps to relieve that strain. I do a lot of running, cross fit and things like that. There is absolutely no doubt when I roll out of bed at 5 in the morning to go work out I go ‘oh my gosh why am I doing this”, but ultimately after I work out I go ‘why did I question if this was a good idea?’ so that for me is a definite go to place.

    1. What is your current favourite mobile app?

    I have a few, but there is on called Simple Print and the reason I love it is because my photos are very valuable to me. I post on social media and I have WhatsApps that I get from family and friends, but one of my bigger challenges is that we’ve got pictures everywhere but nobody ever pulls them up to look at them. Simple Print enables me to pull all my pictures from my social media, WhatsApp, and personal galleries and print them straight from my phone. I send the file, it gets printed and it gets sent back to me. The app also gives me a digital version that I can share. I keep albums of every year and special events so I have something that my kids can look through, and we can go through it together and reminisce.

    1. What do you predict will be one of the main digital trends in digital advertising/consumption of digital media for 2017?

    I think content is such a base for everything, we talk about digital channels, but it is relevant content for audience that will drive engagement within the channel.  Creating really relevant content will be a big trend in 2017.


    2016 Digital Round-up

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    In one way or another, most businesses in the Caribbean used digital marketing this year. Whether they started a blog, a Facebook page, or a website, digital marketing had a place in their 2016 marketing strategy. With just about a week left in the year, this is the perfect time to reflect on the top business digital trends of the year, from a Caribbean stand point. Here are the top five trends that, in our opinion, gave digital marketing a big boost this year.

    1. Social media marketing

    In our 2016 predictions last year, most of the marketers we asked, predicted that social media marketing would increase in the Caribbean in 2016, and that is one of the many predictions we saw come true. Businesses started seeing social media as more than just something to be on but more of a tool that can be integrated into their marketing strategy. In addition to using the free tools that each platform offers, businesses started investing more in content and paid ads. Most noteworthy about the use of social media this year is that businesses focused more on using it to connect with their audience rather than just to push their product/service. In our 2016 Trend Media Regional Advertising Spend survey, the majority of the businesses we surveyed were using social media as part of their marketing/advertising strategy, with 82% saying they use Facebook.

    1. Mobile advertising

    Businesses started to take advantage of the increase in mobile data and smartphone usage, by meeting customers in this space that they spend a lot of their time. The interesting thing to note is that this year businesses weren’t just re-purposing their desktop or print ads for mobile, like they did in former years, but rather taking advantage of mobile specific designs and formats to maximize the reach, and effectiveness of their ads. One format of mobile advertising that was widely used in Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago this year was wrap advertisements.

    1. Mobile Apps

    Though mobile apps are a type of mobile advertising, we thought it worthwhile to explore their development separately. This year, companies that did not have mobile apps introduced them, and those who already did, greatly improved on them. The push behind mobile applications showed that businesses are recognizing the (admittedly hard to miss) mobile and digital revolution that is taking place. People are spending more time online, but more so on their smartphones than on their laptops/desktops. Businesses noticed that if they can integrate their services into an app, it would improve their customer’s brand experience.

    1. Hyper-targeted advertising

    Businesses started to realize this year that with the introduction of online marketing comes the opportunity to target ads to the people that are most likely to act on them. Ad blockers are increasingly popular and to get the most out of advertising online, marketers started to ensure that ads are placed in front of persons who are interested in their product/service. With this targeted feature, brands were able to personalize ads to appeal to the audience they were targeting rather than taking the “spray and pray” approach.

    1. Content is King

    In case you missed it, content showed in 2016 that it is still king. In addition to ad blockers being popular, when browsing online, people are more likely to consume a piece of engaging content rather than stare at an ad. To appeal to their audiences, more businesses started focusing on creating and delivering great content. Whether it was a company blog, engaging social media campaign, or a Facebook Live show, brands moved out from behind their ads and connected with their audience.

    2016 was a great year for the digital revolution to take form. More businesses in the Caribbean started realizing the benefits that digital marketing and advertising offer, and found a way to merge them with their traditional methods. All sights are now set on 2017, and the digitally led team here at Trend Media Group is ready to embrace the digital growth and possibilities that the New Year will have to offer.