In October 2015, Heineken was tasked to launch a campaign showcasing the brand in conjunction with the newly released film Spectre. The campaign builds on a 17 year partnership between Heineken and the Bond franchise that spans seven Bond films, from Tomorrow Never Dies to Spectre.

A partnership with Trend Media was established to promote the brand on Loop TT which would present the opportunity to engage with individuals via a new, more modern digital platform.

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  • From the outset a partnership with Trend Media was a good fit for both parties and the target audience.

  • Heineken secured a section sponsorship on Loop TT’s “Something For the Weekend” section whereby the Heineken/Spectre branding was made a permanent fixture for the duration of the campaign.

  • This sponsorship offered the brand a fresh, new and exciting platform that allowed the brand to really engage with the target audience.


  • Heineken ran a number of different banner formats and artwork showcasing the brand as well as Spectre. These banners were run on both the Loop TT app and website.

  • Banners were in rotation on all pages/sections as well as fixed in the sponsored section.

  • Banners were linked to Heineken pages as well as Bond related articles on Loop TT.

  • A video was also fixed on the sponsored section showcasing the Heineken Spyfie Event.

Overall Impressions
Video Impressions
Video 'Likes'

The James Bond campaign was our most successful digital campaign to date in Trinidad. From the promotion of the Spyfie campaign, to the native stories on loop, it generated a lot of additional interest behind the campaign and strengthened our partnership with the Bond Franchise.

Cordell Wilson - Export Manager - Heineken

The video content, specifically part 1 of the Spyfie interview series was particularly well received and also was approved by our global office to post on our FB page, which is usually reserved for global content only. This video had one of the highest feedback rates of any post with over 2k likes, and many shares.

Cordell Wilson - Export Manager - Heineken

This campaign yielded one of the highest click through rates ever achieved in the Caribbean.