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Trend Spotlight – Vindra Dhanraj

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Vindra Dhanraj

We here at Trend Media Group are very excited to proudly highlight each month some of our brightest and most committed staff from our entire pool of superb employees who execute operations in 24 countries.

In this months spotlight blog, we introduce you to Vindra Dhanraj, Country Manager, Trend Media, Trinidad and Tobago. Let us learn more about her.

1.What five (5) words best describe you?

Organized, determined, dependable, diligent and logical

2. What piqued your interest in digital media?

Digital is disruptive and if you’re not for the change you can get left out like big brands like Kodak. In Trinidad and Tobago, it’s still called new media and a number of marketers are not sure how to use digital media and data to drive business growth. I welcomed the opportunity to drive the digital transformation.

3. With a predominant sales background, how has the marketing and digital marketing experience compared?

I’m in the company 11 years now; previously leading the Digicel Business Sales team for the last 8 years. I started the Digicel More brand in Digicel Business selling just SMS advertising and data analytics services and I knew right away this was the future of advertising. My background includes over 17 years of managing teams, project management, strategic decision making and planning skills, stock management, marketing management, customer relationship management, networking, product development, sales management, advertising, pricing, budgeting and corporate communications both in the public and private sectors. I possess a Masters with distinction in Entrepreneurship as well as a Third level Group Diploma with distinctions in Marketing, Selling and Sales Management and Public Relations. These all marry together so wasn’t a different world for me. I’m responsible for the revenue and EBITDA, so sales is still a heavy part of my plate. There is always something new in digital and you have to keep up.

4. What are some of the key advantages of a digital media source over a traditional one?

  • It’s measurable because you have data to work with at the end of the campaign.
  • You can get instant feedback, so you can tweak campaigns along the way with little or no additional cost to drive success.
  • You can go live in seconds to piggyback off some current event traffic. Peak time is all the time.
  • If you are looking for that quick offer to spike sales end of the month, you can get a campaign out the same day.
  • Lower production costs.

5. What do you find most challenging at Trend?

Lack of e-commerce in the market to really track point-of-sale conversions

6. Who or what has had the biggest influence on your personal, and professional life.

 God. I believe in doing the right thing because it is the right thing to do. I value my upbringing, morals and spirituality. I strive to do everything the best I can do it. My personal credo is “Failure will never overtake me once my determination to succeed is strong enough,” taken from the scroll from the Greatest Salesman in the World written by Og Mandino. That’s my approach to personal and professional life.

7. How do you balance life at Trend Media and personal life?

Oh boy. It’s tough. My days start with my alarm clock at 4.15am, I leave home at 5.30am and don’t close off until about 6-7pm while still checking emails throughout the evening. I also have a family, so I get into motherly duties in the kitchen as well as homework and revision with my son in the evening and then prep for the next day. It’s very tiring but I do have the support of my husband and we work both schedules to make it happen. I’m also a member of the Powerful Ladies Association and the American Chamber of Commerce where I Vice Chair the Trade and Investment committee and also a board director of the Digicel Foundation. I use those as my networking space. On weekends, I try to keep to family time. I keep thanking God I’m blessed with the energy to do so much daily.

8. What is your go-to source of relaxation?

I do abstract art when I can. I allow my creative mind to flow and it is so relaxing and rewarding. My son follows me into it as well so I do get some down time with him.

9. What is your current favourite mobile app?

Amazon…(J) I love to shop but in a busy world, you don’t have the time and patience to go through the racks. So I drop in the cart and ship out when I’m ready. It’s about convenience, value and quality for me.

10. What do you predict will be one of the main digital trends in digital advertising/consumption of digital media for 2017/18?

I think video in the digital space for both content and advertising. Consumers want information in the shortest time. They want it in a shareable format that can be viewed on the latest computers called smartphones. Video production costs will be more affordable for advertisers through this medium. Advertisers will be able to receive guaranteed video views and consumers will also get rewards for engaging them, so it is a win-win situation for all.



The Atrium at Piarco International Airport.

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The Atrium

The Airports Authority of Trinidad & Tobago has partnered with Trend Media Group to transform the islands’ airport network to attract a higher number of international passengers and achieve the dream of becoming a logistical hub at the Piarco International Airport, The Atrium.

Client Challenges:

  • AATT needed an innovative solution to engage an under-served audience at airport terminal in Trinidad

Amplify Solution:

  • We built a multimedia lounge outfitted with comfortable seating, charging areas, and WIFI media displays
  • We produced local stories and documentaries to promote the island
  • Created revenue opportunity for client with new and bespoke ad formats featured at the lounge

Next Phase:

  • Maintain monthly content cycles with more local video stories
  • Develop games and interactive digital tools to be used exclusively in the lounge

Read more about this partnership here.


Campaign Feature: T&T Restaurant Week and TTFF

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T&T Restaurant Week

tt ResIn September, Trend Media completed a wrap campaign for the Trinidad & Tobago Restaurant week.  Trinidad and Tobago Restaurant week is a ten-day culinary celebration which features the cuisine of local restaurants that create an exclusive menu for the occasion offered to all customers at a fixed price.

The Trend media team was tasked with creating a user friendly digital wrap for the event. This wrap had details on all participating restaurants and their contact information for patrons to make their reservations.  A wrap was a great feature for Restaurant week due to its mobile friendly capabilities that allowed ease of access to patrons while on the go, and it collated all the information in one place.

To view the T&T restaurant week wrap, click here: http://bit.ly/2d3doRC




T&T Film Festival

tt ffThe Trend Media team also provided a digital wrap for the Trinidad & Tobago Film Festival (TTFF). The TTFF is an annual festival that celebrates films from and about the Caribbean and its diaspora, as well as from world cinema. Additionally, the festival seeks to facilitate the growth of Caribbean cinema by offering industry programmes and industry opportunities.

The wrap created by Trend Media for the TTFF allowed patrons to easily access the film schedule for each day throughout the festival, view film trailers, and provided contact information for the organizers. The easy to navigate and visually appealing wrap made it easy for patrons to access information on the festival, and provided another avenue for the films to be promoted.

To view the wrap for the TTFF, click here: http://bit.ly/2d3guoH

Loop partners with Radio Vision’s Boom 94.1 & Power 102FM

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loop_and_boomLoopTT and Radio Vision Ltd, the proprietors of Boom Champions 94.1 FM and Power 102Fm announces an exciting new content partnership that seeks to benefit both parties and their respective fans.

This new alliance will see a close working relationship between the two popular brands to bring Loop’s essential news and entertainment in a concise format to a whole new audience on Boom Champions 94.1 and Power 102 giving listeners a rich wealth of information daily.

This partnership brings together LoopTT’s 460,000 unique users and BOOM Champions number 1 Urban listenership status with over 550,000 Facebook fans as well as Power 102’s compelling programming.

Loop will provide the news content for all daily news bulletins for both radio stations while the radio stations will be featured on the Loop website daily.

Chief Executive Officer of Radio Vision Limited Peter Pena said: “We are in the age of technology-driven broadcasting.

“Radio broadcasting is spreading its formats and reach in ways not even perceived before.

“In doing so we are reaching audiences in their comfort zones, especially the millennials glued to their electronic devices.

“Power 102 & Boom 94 stand in both camps, serving traditional audiences through our radio outreach, and now in a partnership with Loop TT, we deliver major news items from the Power 102 news and current affairs programmes through the website of this technologically-driven online service.

“We expect this partnership will grow in time and technology.”

Trend’s Head of Content Aine Hegarty said: “LoopTT is very excited to announce this partnership with Boom Champions and Power 102.

“This content agreement will extend the reach of our news to a whole new audience.

“Our talented news team work really hard to break the important stories that matter to people in Trinidad first.

“And now Boom Champions and Power 102 listeners will be able to get LoopTT’s breaking news and updates on a daily basis when they listen to their favourite radio station.

“We look forward to further growing LoopTT’s following in Trinidad through this exciting partnership.”

Loop News is the Caribbean-wide resource for local, regional and global news. Loop provides local news in Aruba, Barbados, Bonaire, Cayman, Curaçao, Haiti, Jamaica, St. Lucia, Suriname and Trinidad and Tobago. (www.LoopNewsGroup.com). Loop News is the Caribbean’s number one downloaded news app.

Download the app today!

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.aggrego.loop

iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/loop-news/id854778074?mt=8

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