Our Services

Our Services

At Trend, we don’t just place digital advertising, we create solutions to enhance your digital marketing strategies. Our full-service consultancy has an efficient toolkit to help you create a campaign that will wow your audience.

Multi-Platform Advertising

Our consultancy has access to a wide range of platforms and networks to leverage for you, the client. Learn more about our range of advertising solutions or more multi-platform advertising campaigns.

Commercial Content

We have a dedicated team that creates, produces and promotes web videos, TV commercials and high quality photography to deliver your corporate communications across multiple digital platforms.

Digital Creative Services

Need artwork for your next digital advertising campaign? Trend runs an efficient team of graphic designers that are well versed in producing effective advertising for digital platforms.

Mobile Advertising

It is said that mobile advertising is growing faster than all other ad formats. Let us demystify this platform for you and get started on a winning advertising campaign.

Managed Web Portals

We create highly customizable mini websites to house your marketing communications, campaign executions, capture leads, or generate revenue. The opportunities are endless.

Website & App Design

Our team can develop and produce stunning websites and mobile apps that drive your objectives. This can include technical aspects such as coding or front end design, such as the user experience.

Wi-Fi Advertising Solutions

Capture more relevant customer data with our Wi-Fi advertising platform. Once customers are connected to your hotspot, have promotional content displayed. This is a perfect placement for notices and brand awareness.

Social Media Management

The right social media tools can make all the difference when developing an online community. Our team of social media gurus will protect your brand while amplifying your presence across multiple platforms.

Programmatic Advertising

We leverage ad buying technology that bypasses traditional ad placements via RFPs or insertion orders. Our team can help make ad buying more efficient and cheaper across a multitude of platforms and placements.

Market Research & Insight

We leverage digital tools to reach your audience to capture raw data. Our team can also interpret this information to help guide your most important decisions about your brand and the market in which it operates.

Analytics & Performance

Our team will actively manage your advertising campaign performance, optimizing based on your primary objectives, and will also produce reports to help you make smart, data-informed decisions.

Video Production

Our full-service team can deliver high-definition coverage of your next event or produce a range of advertising or marketing related videos for viral consumption on digital platforms. Let us create your next video content.